Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm involved in a car accident, what should I do?

Stay calm. Call the police if someone has been injured, if you are outside of California or if you are a hit and run, theft or vandalism victim.  Contact us and your insurance company. You'll need to fill out an accident report if it's necessary to make a claim. NEVER leave the scene of an accident without contacting police or filing out an accident report. If possible, make sure you are out of traffic, not blocking traffic and in a safe place.

Why should I choose Kreations?

Kreations has extensive experience in restoration and collision repair. Our high standards of quality, service and follow-up are appreciated by our loyal repeat customers.

Kreations keeps up to date, remaining experts in the industry through constant employee support and training.

Kreations works with all auto insurers. They recognize us as experts in restoring your car to it's original condition.

Kreations will handle every aspect of your repair work, even filing your insurance claim.

Kreations' code of ethics was created for your protection. This code is respected by all of us.

Kreations' has a lifetime guarantee. This covers all labor and materials.

What should I do if my vehicle is still under warranty?

Do not worry. When you choose Kreations, it will not affect your vehicle's warranty. All of our work is guaranteed by us, separately from your dealer's or manufacturer's warranties.

What is included in the Kreations guarantee?

Excellent service.

Top quality workmanship.

Lifetime guarantee on materials, parts and labor through both Kreations locations.

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