Car Tips

For Newly Painted Vehicles:

DON'T use detergents or cleaning products - wash with water only

DON'T use commercial brushes.. wash by touchless car wash or by hand.

After you wash, wipe with a soft, clean cloth, removing water spots.

For ninety days after a new paint job, DON'T use polish, wax or sealant products.

DON'T park under trees or in the area of industrial fall or heavy smoke.

DO clean off all bird droppings as soon as you can from your newly painted vehicle.

Wash with cold water in shade during summer and warm water during winter.

Detailing Your Car:

Detail inside first, so you don't soil the outside of you car.

After vacuum cleaning seats and carpets, use a stain remover and brush where necessary.  Allow the carpets and seats to dry before using.

Use a soap and water solution with a soft cloth to clean the other parts of your vehicle's interior. Brushes or cotton swabs will work for tight places you can't
reach with a cloth.

Spray cleaners should not be sprayed directly on the dash board. Instead apply the cleaner to the cloth or brush.

The windshield should be the last thing you clean inside. Use glass cleaner and dry it carefully.

Outside your vehicle, start with the wheels, using a pressure hose or brush to scrub them with a car washing solution. DON'T use household detergent.

The rest of your car should be washed one section at a time. Be sure to change the water and cloth regularly.

Small brushes are recommended for small areas such as around the grill, door handles and mirrors.

Use a chamois to throughly dry the vehicle before waxing.

The exterior of the windows and windshield should be the last thing to clean when detailing your car.

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