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We are Humboldt County's only body shop that is trained and certified by Honda for collision repair work!


If you need repair work a Honda or Acura vehicle, Kreations Auto Body has the tools and training to fix it correctly.


Honda vehicles are designed and engineered using special materials and assembly processes that require specific tools, equipment and training to ensure for proper repair. Many of the structural components of newer Hondas are made from Ultra High Strength Steel, which is extremely lightweight and strong, but can easily be overheated during the repair process. If this Ultra High Strength Steel becomes overheated, it causes a loss of strength that extremely dangerous if your car is ever involved in another accident. The loss of strength can cause the crumple zones designed into your car to crush prematurely, throwing off your airbag timing, and compromising the frame that surrounding the vehicle occupants.

A ProFirst Honda Certified collision repair shop, like Kreations Auto Body, is your only option if you want to maintain the structural integrity and safety restraint system of your vehicle. We use specialized MIG Brazing equipment, in the hands of highly trained and certified technicians, to maintain the original design specifications and safety systems of your Honda Vehicle.

What is a ProFirst Certified shop?
ProFirst Certified shops are a select group of collision repair shops that are reviewed, annually audited, and certified by Honda for proper tools, training, and commitment to ongoing training to help ensure thorough repairs for your Honda or Acura. Check out the Honda Owners website to see why it’s important to have your Honda repaired by a certified shop and to learn more about how your vehicle protects you and your family in the event of an accident.

Why consider a ProFirst Certified Body Shop?
ProFirst Certified shops, like Kreations Auto Body, are committed to a complete repair through required ongoing industry education and annual third party certifications.
Knowledge and Skill - ProFirst Certified shops must earn an I-CAR Gold Class Professional® certification before even being considered as a Honda Certified repair shop.
I-CAR (The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education to the collision repair industry, ensuring proper repairs. I-CAR Gold Class Professionals®, is the highest I-Car level of achievement and considered the highest level of training in the industry.

Honda Specific Training - ProFirst shops must complete I-CAR training, and additional Honda-specific training ensuring they are up to date on all the newest Honda technology.

Honda Specific Repair Information - ProFirst Certified body shops have access to all service and repair information straight from Honda. Including mechanical and collision repair, for all years and models of Honda automobiles.

Tools and Equipment - Honda vehicles are designed and engineered using specific materials that often require specific tools and equipment for proper repair. Kreations Auto Body is equipped and educated with the right tools and equipment to repair your Honda properly.

Facility Standards - All ProFirst Certified shops are required to maintain a clean and professional space in the customer lounge and inside and outside the shop.

Customer Satisfaction - Profirst Certified shops are committed to customer satisfaction. We feel this aspect of our business is so important that we actually send out review questionnaires to our customers and posts the results live on our website homepage. If you want to take a look at them, feel free to read each one of over 350 reviews to find out why 99% of our customers recommend us as their preferred auto body repair shop.

Annual Inspection and Certification - Through a third-party, American Honda annually inspects all ProFirst Certified shops to verify proper equipment, facility cleanliness, and overall shop operation. Training verification is also performed on an ongoing basis.

Kreations Auto Body services the entire Humboldt County region, including Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, McKinleyville, Rio Dell, Trinidad, Garberville, and Willow Creek.

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