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Are you aware that vehicles are so advanced now that manufactures are creating their own collision repair certification and training programs to ensure proper repairs? 



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Because of the long gap between collision occurrences, most people are unaware of how much body shops have had to advance to keep up with modern vehicle technology and production processes. The wire harness and electrical components alone account for about 30% of the overall production cost of a new car, adding to its complexity and level of skill required for diagnostics, and the bodys are now often made out of specialty lightweight materials that can only be worked with and repaired properly by using special welding equipment combined with a high level of training.

If the material types and proper repair procedures are not correctly identified, it can lead to a repair that looks good but will not stand up to the physical forces if involved in another collision incident. Using a repair method that does not match the material being worked on can not only leave the strength of the cab that protects its occupants in a weakened state, but also change the way the vehicle absorbs energy and crumples, causing the safety restraint systems and airbags to not work properly or with the correct timing. Gone are the days of a good repair being based solely on how it looks at the end of the job.

Todays repairs are highly advanced, they incorporate using OEM repair procedures, laser measuring systems to ensure that your body and frame are in perfect alignment, and they also include extensive computer diagnostics and sensor calibrations. All of this is to make sure that your vehicles systems are properly working and communicating to give you correct performance settings and a fully functioning safety restraint systems and collision avoidance systems.

If you want to ensure your vehicles original structural integrity and proper functioning of its airbags and other safety systems, there is no exception to having it repaired by a fully trained and certified repair shop that has access to, and follows, the manufacturers OEM repair procedures. OEM repair procedures are the specific repair guidelines set by the manufacturer who built the car, and OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Nobody knows your car better than the people who built it and the teams that study and train to properly repair it.

This is why we work directly with manufacturers and train our technicians with them. Not all manufactures have collision certification programs yet, but as automotive complexity continues to increase this trend will continue to grow. If there is a manufacturer certification or training that you would like us to pursue, we encourage you to reach out to us. We really appreciate hearing your feedback and will us it to help us on our continual journey to provide Humboldt County with the most current and up to date collision repair service available. With more training and manufacturer certifications than any other shop in our area, we have the most knowledge and experience to repair your vehicle correctly.

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