I just got into an accident.
I have a classic that needs help.
I want my car to be a head turner.
Vehicle Accident
Being in an accident is a traumatic experience. Our entire team strives to do our best to provide you with a repair process that is empathetic and helpful in taking care of you and your family through the repair process, until your vehicle is repaired and ready to have you back on the road.
I called my insurance, what now?
Creations is Contacted for Repair

Kreations works with all insurance providers, and is a preffered repairer for many insurance companies. We work with you and your insurance provider to begin the claim process, and in the event that you have already begun the claim process, we work with your insurance provider to transfer the claim so we can schedule a repair consultation and work on your vehicle.

What happens from here?
Repair Consultations

After contact has been made, we schedule an appointment for you to bring your vehicle in for an initial estimate to be completed.

Do you just fix the dents?
Complete Disassembly and Blueprinting

Todays vehicles are both safer and more complicated than ever. To complete the safe repair of your vehicle to exacting OEM guidelines. It is crucial to completely disassemble and blueprint your vehicle damaged areas for detailed repair planning. After our trained technicians complete this critical phase, you are contacted and informed of any additional damage that may have been found. and you are given a more precise repair plan and estimated repair completion date.

So do you have all the parts there?
Part Ordering

Kreations works with both OEM and aftermarket parts suppliers to provide you with the highest quality parts that are suited for your repair.

Ok, well then what?
Vehicle Repair Phase

After all parts arrive, the vehicle enters the repair past and repairs are assigned to one of our highly trained technicians to begin the repair process.

Then do I get my car?
Quality Control Check

Once all repairs are completed, we put your vehicle through a thorough quality control process to ensure that all phases of the repair plan have been correctly completed and is in safe, like new condition.

So NOW I get my car?
Vehicle Returned to Owner

After the quality control phase has been successfully passed, your vehicle is detailed and you are contacted to arrange for a vehicle delivery time and date.

How do we get started?
Classic Restoration

Restoring a classic vehicle can be a very rewarding project. The process can be long, arduous, and present many unexpected obstacles,  but it is well worth it in the end.


The best way to get your project started is to decide if you want the vehicle restored to original specification or if you want it to be restored with modern touches, like power steering, fuel injected motor, and/or custom frame and suspension components. The sky (and budget) is the limit when it comes to customization. Our team is capable of pretty much anything you can imagine.

My vision's ready, what next?
Classic Restoration

Once you have an idea of what you want to do with your vehicle, it’s time to share your project details with us. The best way for us to keep a detailed record of your project, goals, and expectations is to upload images of your vehicle's current condition, along with photos of parts and accessories that you may have already compiled for the project. Along with the photo submission, give us details about the project. Let us know the history you have with the vehicle, how long you’ve had it, where it came from, and other modifications or repairs that you’ve completed with it in the past. Knowing the history you have with your vehicle is important to us. It helps us understand more about your personal style and taste and allows our team to better assist you with your build as move through the design phase.

I've uploaded my info, what now?
Classic Restoring

We know how important your project is and we want to get working on it as soon as possible. Sometimes we go through phases where we are extremely busy, so we can’t guarantee a project start date, but you can expect a call within 1-2 weeks after you submit your project so we can discuss your details and develop a timeline.

How can we get started?
Under Construction
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